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28 Sep 2016
Okay so my rig is running an FX6300 3.5ghz, 8GB ram at 1333, and a GTX 960 2GB. I am having a hard time understanding how my PC, that runs WoW: Legion on Ultra Settings, can't seem to smooth out Albions jagged polygons with Albion Online Silver. I've watched video's of other players playing the game on Youtube...some of them are running the same GPU as me, and the game looks stunning!!! Why my rig is having a problem achieving the same graphical agenda, i don't know!!! But anti-aliasing is not working...obviously the most notable difference between all of the games i play...the game just looks bad...and its really starting to piss me off. Does anyone have solution??? Thanks in advance.

I see what your saying. Im not hinged on...

23 Sep 2016
So, last beta I played mainly Staff weapons, primarily the Infernal, and I decided that I will running Dual Swords during the Final Beta. The only issue is I don't know much about what other armors REALLY bring to the table and what current melee weapon users think is best. From what I can tell there is really only 2 paths you can take when going a melee weapon (other than halberd), 1. Bruiser or 2. Tank. What this means is bruiser: damage dealing melee with decent sustain to stay in the fight, and tank: very high sustain and little damage, obviously mainly utility based weapons. This thread is mainly talking about the melee armor meta and what's the best options for these 2 melee "Albion Online Silver". This thread also is not limited...

19 Sep 2016
Yeah I don't understand these posts. If you venture out to the red zones and keep a few nodes away from any ports or cities you can rake in high level/rare resources. Every time I go through these zones I'm shocked at two things, one is I almost never see anyone out there, and the second is just how many resource nodes are up and full.

I don't know where to Buy Albion Online Gold, maybe it's much worse in the black zones. As far as entire teams being fielded in ultra rare 6.4+ gear, I personally think the entire enchantment system is bloated and needs to be reworked before release. Do we really need 5 tiers of enchantments on top of artifact/hellgate gear?

I agree that having 3rd best material in 2 weeks is a terrible design. However they...

09 Sep 2016
i know claymore should have been nurfed, i'm not sure if it already happened or not.
but it seems that some more melee weapon haste skill is to much.
i tried to run a way from 2 flagged ppl: i was mounted with the speed buff, i didn't notice the flagged a millisecond after they show, then changed the direction, but they was already in the distance to charge and hit me with Albion Online Gold, and removed the buff speed, so i fought they have no root, i will just keep runing and then they will have to leave me alone, but his haste never finished it was 15 sec chase and all this time he was hasted...
so my mount drop and i could use my skills, so i used "flee" and run 8 sec as much as i can, for 3 sec i didn't see them, so i kept runing in...

31 Aug 2016
I encourage you to take this with a grain of salt, as you mentioned, I too am one of those who have farmed rom to the point that for me personally it got sickening, and made ALOT of bank from heroic V solo within the first 2 weeks, however I believe that if they took away the total rng upon rng of gear, and by this I mean meele gear having int and wp on it and mage gear with str and what not. That this is fine imo. as I don't agree with "heroic" or better being sold. i mean look at attaius gear that was bop. how many decent MMo's accually do this, not many tbh. or at least none that I have partaken in. quite frankly being as i'm one for 3 people atm that are 35+ due to the maintaince and what not last night we haven't had the chance to...

16 Aug 2016
Considering you used to be able to solo Matren and get yourself gear/sell the good equips for other classes and everyone who didn't rush straight to 35 and actually took their time can't really do anything with ROI Gold... not a good sign. No one does Cavern and even groups of 35s can't do it on heroic, I imagine Frost would be even harder... so how the hell can new lvl 35s get any gear? - Drop rate is trash too.

They're already ruining the game as it is (I can assume so they can make it more pay 2 win) and now you can't gear your characters?

Pretty sure this game will be dead within a year and I wish I never wasted money on founder, why did I have faith in them at all?

Do you have a guild? Cavern of the Veil and The Frost Keep aren't...

01 Aug 2016
Response #1: It does not if your don't wish to play competitively. Lets be honest In every game even moba's the top level player's / contenders dedicate 100's of hours to gameplay & practice before actually making it to that top list. There is nothing wrong with being a casual player to Buy Albion Online Silver. This mindless task of killing mobs over and over plays a valuable role in the open world aspect of the game & also insures you always have something to do in game. You made a statement about the chores of gathering and crafting. Reality is I generally spend about 1 session of gathering and crafting and I am good to go for about a week on gear and weapons. Its simply not enough to keep players out in the open world. Especially if...

25 Jul 2016
Conner mcgregor are you one of those people with a big ego, whereas you read something totally, unrelated Albion Online Silver, and you must make a reply, because your own world view doesnt agree, or you feel offended in some way

close thread? may i ask why oh man of high intellect

i am merely a normal human being, giving constructive suggestion to improve a game, its a natural part of the human society, you need to learn to accept these things

diplomacy? while thats cool and all, if it substracts from the main reason we all came to play the game, which is using skill to defeat the other player, then what is the point of playing this game

so your telling me conner mcgreggor the WHOLE ENTIRE GAME must almost be based of diplomacy??? no, im...

23 Jul 2016
Kill fame is NOT being distributed equally amount party members in pvp. Sure you can see the +fame you 'should' be getting for each pvp kill, but this does not affect your pvp kill fame in your stats or on the rankings.

Why say you are going to give all party members equal fame in pvp if in the end it does not affect pvp rankings to Buy Albion Online Silver? You think I care about getting 'overall fame' on my character? I can craft one 6.5 great nature staff and get more 'overall fame' than hours upon hours of pvp.

I see people crying that they do not get their 'kill fame' with the new execution system because someone else executes a player they drop to 0 hp. WELL make the shared pvp fame change WORK like was intended and no one will have...

21 Jun 2016
There was actually a thread about the devs playing a while ago, and whether they should use differently named accounts. Check it out.

Otherwise, I do believe that mods are misnamed GMs and that causes problems. Mods are not GMs, they are mods. But conflict of interest does exist, i agree. The people here now are trustworthy to Buy Albion Online Silver, but the public will never accept that without proof. the system needs to account for that and make is so that mods do not get innate benefits from being mods in game. Knowing most people, if a mod kills them, there is a good chance they may complain the mod was cheating.

Albion cannot, and will not, be moderated by only paid staff. Volunteers are crucial in moderating. It's players who play...