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25 Jul 2016
Conner mcgregor are you one of those people with a big ego, whereas you read something totally, unrelated Albion Online Silver, and you must make a reply, because your own world view doesnt agree, or you feel offended in some way

close thread? may i ask why oh man of high intellect

i am merely a normal human being, giving constructive suggestion to improve a game, its a natural part of the human society, you need to learn to accept these things

diplomacy? while thats cool and all, if it substracts from the main reason we all came to play the game, which is using skill to defeat the other player, then what is the point of playing this game

so your telling me conner mcgreggor the WHOLE ENTIRE GAME must almost be based of diplomacy??? no, im saying, have that, and have skill based play with smaller parties too

this is only an example, like for example

in any other pvp mmorpg

even take for example runescape

they have zones where you want play in big groups, and zones where you are only aloud to fight in smaller 1v1v2v1v2v3v1, but im not asking for 1v1 here

even in ESO, its ultimate huge large zergs versus ultimate huge large zergs, but on the map maybe further away you have alot of skirmishes going on as well

what im trying to say is that, this game is based most of the pvp in black or red zone, is almost based entirely of more people in the party

everywhere the action is at, its always based on the amount of people in the party

more people ?? more win --- we didnt come here for outnumbering our opponent while loss of all skill required to win more Albion Online Gold, or diplomacy battles ALONE, we can here to defeat our opponent using a high level of SKILL, thats the essence of a pvp game, USING SKILL TO WIN, not using manpower, and subtract all the skill required, even a bunch of kindergarten kids can charge with 50 heroes into a party of 5 and win

in almost every other massive scale MMORPG, big zergs are fighting all the time, and also, small skirmish battles of a high level of skill that determines the outcome of the whole battle exist whilst the zerg battles are going on, but in albion online, if you get close to a zerg you get completely smashed, whats the reason

its because the other games have very big map cameras, you can see so so much going on, it shows a massive pan of the battlefield, so you can decide to assault one side or one angle of this zerg, and if it gets too hard you zone and move back

there needs to be big zerg battles and smaller scale skirmish battles happening at the same time

SOLO COMBAT, SMALLER SCALE PARTIES, SKIRMISHES are an important part of every PVP game, it needs to be able to happen at the same time as zergs are fighting too

how many times in history has a small army vanquish a larger army

this is not only common sense its neccessary in almost every game

but in albion online, boom u run into a larger party and you pack you bags and run like little chickens

it should not be that way

maybe the camera needs to be bigger

you can argue with me all day or all night, i play pvp all my life, and the players WILL ALWAYS BE DEMANDING THIS, is a CORE COMPONENT of any PVP game

do you see the threads which literally come up all the albion online silver farming, oh give us a 1v1v1v1v1v1v1v1v1v1v1v11v special map

im not asking for that im asking for something better, but thats where the need arises


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