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01 Aug 2016
Response #1: It does not if your don't wish to play competitively. Lets be honest In every game even moba's the top level player's / contenders dedicate 100's of hours to gameplay & practice before actually making it to that top list. There is nothing wrong with being a casual player to Buy Albion Online Silver. This mindless task of killing mobs over and over plays a valuable role in the open world aspect of the game & also insures you always have something to do in game. You made a statement about the chores of gathering and crafting. Reality is I generally spend about 1 session of gathering and crafting and I am good to go for about a week on gear and weapons. Its simply not enough to keep players out in the open world. Especially if they had no other reason to be there after making his or her sets since they will almost never be lost unless in gvg environments.

Response #2: You have no more or less incentive to play then a top tier guy you either play because you enjoy the game or you don't its pretty simple. I mean if you only can play 2 hours a day there is nothing wrong with that and currently you can reach top teir's in safe zones. That said if you are behind you should spend your time in the safe / safer zones with people / players at your level until you eventually reach a point where you can wear better gear. Inevitably you will still run into a few player from time to time that will out gear & kill you easily .

you also must take into note that this game is far more rewarding to players who roam open world with shit gear then good gear because those in good gear are few and far compared to the groups of 5 - 10 roaming in 4.3 & 5.3. So yes if I out gear you and you find me in a 1v1 scenario chances are I will win that fight but I gain almost nothing from the win. aside from the efficiency of not losing and being able to continue my grind and not wasting time re gearing and finding a new place to buy albion online gold. You are worth Minimal pvp fame, your gear isn't worth the carrying weight n gets trashed. Now on the other hand if you are roaming with friends or jump me while I'm 1/2 health from mobs you risked almost nothing and gained a lot.

So my question to you is what is the incentive for a player to wear his best gear in open world? Obviously GvG's are a different scenario and with the elimination of yellow zones there will need to be adjustments to the balancing but at the end of the day GvG's are for the competitive players and not the casuals.


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