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16 Aug 2016
Considering you used to be able to solo Matren and get yourself gear/sell the good equips for other classes and everyone who didn't rush straight to 35 and actually took their time can't really do anything with ROI Gold... not a good sign. No one does Cavern and even groups of 35s can't do it on heroic, I imagine Frost would be even harder... so how the hell can new lvl 35s get any gear? - Drop rate is trash too.

They're already ruining the game as it is (I can assume so they can make it more pay 2 win) and now you can't gear your characters?

Pretty sure this game will be dead within a year and I wish I never wasted money on founder, why did I have faith in them at all?

Do you have a guild? Cavern of the Veil and The Frost Keep aren't really designed for solo, though of course some people probably can get Cheap Riders of Icarus Gold. But having a group of people of at least decent ability and gear that you can regularly run dungeons with helps a lot. It wasn't easy but I at least managed to duo CotV on Elite with a Wizard from my guild, and neither of us have any Parnas gear. So it's definitely doable, and you don't always need a full party if everyone involved knows how to play well.

As for the rest, well there's always the Auction House. If you're not dead set on min-maxing from the get go you can grab decent enough stuff from there if you keep your eye out for it. It will be on the expensive side because it's shiny and new, but the prices will drop eventually. I know a lot of people on here poo-poo the notion, but I have no problems with buying my gear instead of farming it. Of course I'm a tank and live (and die) by my armor, so I'll do whatever it takes to get the gear I need.

You can grab some Frozen gear in the AH and solo lavalight/matren for money and tempering stones. Get that gear to + 10 really easy, and get yourself a decent pet (bloodwyrms are really good Icarus Gold). After this look for FK runs and just do them until you get decent frost command gear, it took me a bit but it wasn't that hard. Don't forget to do Rabini quest everytime.


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