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31 Aug 2016
I encourage you to take this with a grain of salt, as you mentioned, I too am one of those who have farmed rom to the point that for me personally it got sickening, and made ALOT of bank from heroic V solo within the first 2 weeks, however I believe that if they took away the total rng upon rng of gear, and by this I mean meele gear having int and wp on it and mage gear with str and what not. That this is fine imo. as I don't agree with "heroic" or better being sold. i mean look at attaius gear that was bop. how many decent MMo's accually do this, not many tbh. or at least none that I have partaken in. quite frankly being as i'm one for 3 people atm that are 35+ due to the maintaince and what not last night we haven't had the chance to attempt any of the field bosses and i would really hate to see the gear or w/e drops from these bosses be boe and be abused by larger guilds to Buy Riders of Icarus Gold (my guild included in this) especially with how they had made these bosses work as far as highest damage done.

With that being said with the level of difficulty of the current content till you are fully 35 geared i feel its more engaging to earn the gear rather than being feed or straight up buying it like most people had with the lvl 25 content. 

I would also prefer items to become bound, however then you basically have to hit the jackpot to get an upgrade. I did RoM H5 solo at least 80 times. In that time I found one upgrade for my character, and still it was poorly rolled (A chest with 2x int and health. Int was low rolled.)

What I'm saying is, keep it bound but make it to smart loot. For a Guardian, items would come more often with defensive stats. For a Wizard gear would drop more often with Int, and so on. Not saying all gear for Wiz should always drop with int, but tone down the RNG a bit at the very least.

I'll make you happy in a sense telling you World Boss Gear isn't like dungeons. Some World Bosses drop Legendary Gear (Jewelry) but i'll restrain myself from mentioning them. Those are bound and will most likely stay bound, haven't seen that many game(s) that have legendary gear being trade-able. 

However, dungeon-wise.. Considering they keep pumping content each month you'll most likely not have enough time to get a full set of whatever you like because of the entry limitation(s) & RNG involved. Specially if you want to upgrade say "X" gear to +15. I wouldn't be too much attracted to it considering it has 2x Int Rolls being a Guardian with Icarus Gold.. plus it'll cost me Ellun(s) for something i know is a total garbage. 

Also, they're gating you hugely on the ways of making gold VS what you could do in the first 3/4 weeks of the release selling RoM Gear. That's considerably not fair to other people, NPC'ing stuff all day long specially a BiS (Say Triple Str Roll) because they can't do anything with that. I would be happy if you could at least be able to trade stuff to the alliance/guild you're in. But so far gating item(s) totally in my opinion is not the most healthiest method.


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