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09 Sep 2016
i know claymore should have been nurfed, i'm not sure if it already happened or not.
but it seems that some more melee weapon haste skill is to much.
i tried to run a way from 2 flagged ppl: i was mounted with the speed buff, i didn't notice the flagged a millisecond after they show, then changed the direction, but they was already in the distance to charge and hit me with Albion Online Gold, and removed the buff speed, so i fought they have no root, i will just keep runing and then they will have to leave me alone, but his haste never finished it was 15 sec chase and all this time he was hasted...
so my mount drop and i could use my skills, so i used "flee" and run 8 sec as much as i can, for 3 sec i didn't see them, so i kept runing in order to missed them, but it can't be, there they was after me 3 sec later STILL HASTED !!!!!!!!! so i used the invis skill and for my luck they didn't see me when i reappeared, but that was a good luck!!

so it bring me to ask this: how can it be that melee have more then a straight 1 min haste ?!?!?!?!?!?!? if there is anything OP that is that. can't be that i use "flee" and can't use my skills, while melee can use haste skills that are far more better then flee, and still use ther skills...

my suggestions is, that after haste skills u can't use immediately other haste skills, or u have CD on ur skills same as flee to Buy Albion Online Gold, or change the spells sets for melee so they will not have so many haste skill to combined with!

it seems that players here define the retard statistics.
how can it be, that player that optimize for runing a way from shit, is out run by a player that got skill set for dps ???
are u guys so brain damaged that u can't see this basic fact ??
i didn't say all haste skills are bad, i just said the combination of haste skill that give the player more then 1 min haste( or even more if he could see where i went ) is too good.


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