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19 Sep 2016
Yeah I don't understand these posts. If you venture out to the red zones and keep a few nodes away from any ports or cities you can rake in high level/rare resources. Every time I go through these zones I'm shocked at two things, one is I almost never see anyone out there, and the second is just how many resource nodes are up and full.

I don't know where to Buy Albion Online Gold, maybe it's much worse in the black zones. As far as entire teams being fielded in ultra rare 6.4+ gear, I personally think the entire enchantment system is bloated and needs to be reworked before release. Do we really need 5 tiers of enchantments on top of artifact/hellgate gear?

I agree that having 3rd best material in 2 weeks is a terrible design. However they need to limit progression in another way other then pure fame to prevent players playing 18+ hours a week to achieve these high tiers. Because no matter the fame req there will be players who achieve it quickly. Now while this may not seem like a big issue, the problem lies in GvG's. The guild with players playing full time will eventually reach 1-2 tiers higher then their residing neighbors and siege all the territories they own. I would say very few players are able to put in these extreme hours and while I agree they should be rewarded for their dedication, it shouldn't result in them wiping out every other guild.

Although many hardcore players are against a pure time passing limiter, such as lp. It could have benefits. I use to be very anti lp and find the system catering to casuals. However now that the game is 80% time gathering and 20% everything else I begin to reconsider. By putting some form of blockade this would force hardcore players to slow down and begin to pvp, silver farm, and actually enjoy the game. Not only would this increase player interaction but it would allow more skill based GvG's to occur aswell as include more players in GvG's.
Yes people can gather base T7 base mats within two weeks of launch. I for one have no problem making the grind longer with Albion Online Gold. But give us something T7 to gather when we get there.
However I would like to point out that T7 mats is not even close to being the third best in the game.
The game has changed since the last Beta and we now also have Raid artifacts, Hellgate artifacts and the artifacts that drop from chests to also get.
The best in game on release will be
8.4 Raid Artifact set.
Then 8.4 Hellgate set
Then 8.4 Base artifacts set
Then 8.4 base set
Then 8.3 or 7.4 set
Then 8.2 or 7.3 or 6.4 .This is likely to be where the top players are at moment.
Then 8.0 or 7.2 or 6.3 or 5.4 .This is high end gear at moment.

We still have a long way to go and the lp costs for using T7 and T8 are going to slow things down a lot.


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