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23 Sep 2016
So, last beta I played mainly Staff weapons, primarily the Infernal, and I decided that I will running Dual Swords during the Final Beta. The only issue is I don't know much about what other armors REALLY bring to the table and what current melee weapon users think is best. From what I can tell there is really only 2 paths you can take when going a melee weapon (other than halberd), 1. Bruiser or 2. Tank. What this means is bruiser: damage dealing melee with decent sustain to stay in the fight, and tank: very high sustain and little damage, obviously mainly utility based weapons. This thread is mainly talking about the melee armor meta and what's the best options for these 2 melee "Albion Online Silver". This thread also is not limited to dual swords, you may also reply with what weapons you think work best for each of the types.

There is a difference between meele casters and meele autoattackers. Halberd was so effectiv since it was a meele atuoattacker. Now the armor types for each of those meele choices can be very different, and they should be.

A quick overview:

- meele attacker: spear line, greathammer, .1 dagger

- meele caster: axe line, sword line, qstaff line, mace line, .1/.2 hammer, .2/.3 dagger

What is a meele attacker u might ask, or why call it meele caster. Reasoning behind it is simply, meele attackers generate most of their damage with autoattacks, while meele casters deal the bulk of their damage with their abilities. This should lead too different armor choices to maximize ur damage potential/ ur build.

Lets go over certain armor types for ur build choices "tank" and "bruiser":


Plate armor is the mostly considered tank choice here, gives u the strongestbdefensiv buffs in the game, that still allow for mobility. Other good choices, depending on ur weapon and what kind of playstyle u do (pve/pvp/gvg etc), might be a .1 leather armor with electric field to Buy Albion Online Silver. Usually u combine it with an offhandshield to get u some of ur defenses back, while allowing u to dish out tremendous amounts of pressure. U might be suprised how well a leather armor performs as a tank.


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