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28 Sep 2016
Okay so my rig is running an FX6300 3.5ghz, 8GB ram at 1333, and a GTX 960 2GB. I am having a hard time understanding how my PC, that runs WoW: Legion on Ultra Settings, can't seem to smooth out Albions jagged polygons with Albion Online Silver. I've watched video's of other players playing the game on Youtube...some of them are running the same GPU as me, and the game looks stunning!!! Why my rig is having a problem achieving the same graphical agenda, i don't know!!! But anti-aliasing is not working...obviously the most notable difference between all of the games i play...the game just looks bad...and its really starting to piss me off. Does anyone have solution??? Thanks in advance.

I see what your saying. Im not hinged on graphics....i mean...the better the better right? But fx alone wont turn me off from the game.

And i am ok with the look....but when i watch videos from AO or peoples streams.....some times it looks really sharp....and good....extra good....

If there is a way to improve the fx let me know..... but im not sure besides the low med high in the options

I'm now for 3 days a fan of albion online and I think it becomes in the future a great game.

I saw some videos on YouTube an read some forum threads. Many player said their is no background music at all.
Excuse me please for not already purchasing this game. So that is why i can't prove right now if this already established.

So if it isn't established already I have a possible idea for this.
I propose you in my opinion a good composer.

Before I telling you the rest.

I am not in any case related to this composer to Buy ALbion Online Gold, except I am a huge fan of his work. So I don't get any credits or money for this.

The composers youtube channel is named Adrian von Ziegler.

I think his work is pretty decent and most of it could easily fit in the world of albion / albion online.

Please take a peep on his work and tell me what you think of it and my idea.

So in the next few days I must buy albion, to make sure that you know I am developer. XD


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