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21 Jun 2016
There was actually a thread about the devs playing a while ago, and whether they should use differently named accounts. Check it out.

Otherwise, I do believe that mods are misnamed GMs and that causes problems. Mods are not GMs, they are mods. But conflict of interest does exist, i agree. The people here now are trustworthy to Buy Albion Online Silver, but the public will never accept that without proof. the system needs to account for that and make is so that mods do not get innate benefits from being mods in game. Knowing most people, if a mod kills them, there is a good chance they may complain the mod was cheating.

Albion cannot, and will not, be moderated by only paid staff. Volunteers are crucial in moderating. It's players who play...

25 Jan 2016
All items and buildings in Albion Online are player crafted (with a few exceptions, such as beginner towns, harbours, etc)

Resources for making items and buildings can be found in the world. You can also obtain them from other players via trade. 

The main currency is Albion Online Silver. You obtain this by killing enemies in PvE combat. Also, again, you can trade it with other players

Land Ownership
Players can own land in Albion Online: Player Islands, Guild Islands, Player Cities, Open World Plots (inside of Player Cities) and Open World Guild Territories
You use the land for farming and placing buildings. 

You can allow other players to use your buildings, either for free or for a charge, giving you a source to earn money

Once bought, Open...

23 Jan 2016
Albion Online official site unveils the background to the world of Albion, including six different lores in this game. If you want to know more about the lore of Albion Online, please stay tuned for the first novel of this game. The Fantasy author Peter Newman is currently working on it. 

Royal Expeditionary

Sent from the Old World to the coasts of Albion to exploit its resources, the Royals now serve as a place of refuge for newcomers in Albion. Not out of charity, of course, but to fill the King’s coffers in the Old World.

Disciples of Morgana

Once an immensely powerful sorceress, Morgana diminished after a cataclysmic battle with Merlin at the end of the Great War. However, her devoted Disciples walk the earth still, bearing her...

22 Jan 2016

If we define materials returned from craft as the market value of the crafted item divided by the market value of the materials required to craft that item, then it's important that the fame from dissecting exceeds the material returned from craft times the fame earned from craft, or the incentive will be to not use this new function.

Since the prices on the market fluctuate, this feature will be hard to balance and depending on how much PvP is done in the world and how large the continously incoming playerbase passing by the tier of the given items are Albion Online Gold, it might just end up unused. If it's balanced to ensure that it will not be unused, we might instead end up with a playerbase unable to buy the gear and being forced...

21 Jan 2016
I will try explain. All Types of Daggers: 
1. Has no sufficient CC. It has ability "Infiltration", which should, quote: "stuns any enemy target in the area". What we really have? No stun - only non-targeted sleep (if you lucky guy). As we know, sleep will be disturbed by any incoming damage. This quite useless in mass pvp fight. There is should be better REAL STUN, atleast for one target (and, of course, blink).
2. "Sunder Armor" ability does almost nothing for additional damage without huge number of Albion Online Silver. I mean, debuff Armor and Magic Resistance for -14 at T4.1 and -18 at T8.5 is useless. We have tested it.

About Daggers Pair.
3. "Slit Throat" seems to be nice damage skill. But let's compare the Daggers Pair and Cursed...

20 Jan 2016
As someone who has at least 6 lvl 80's in GW2, I can tell you that game was never a PvP game, nor was it as sandboxy as even this game. The oldschool games that a lot of us revere weren't about the grind, it was all about the pvp content. It was about sets of mechanics that made the games enjoyable to play, even after there was nothing left to do, no further progression.

I played UO from opening day thru Lord Blackthorns revenge, on the same character that I had already "maxxed" within the first 3 months of the game. Why? because the games PvP mechanics were that good.

I played Daoc right up into the middle of the ToA debacle. Why? Because the games PvP mechanics were that good. I don't know what era of Daoc you played, but pre ToA, we...

19 Jan 2016
Right, just started playing Albion, and liking it, but realizing that trying to be a jack of all trades in this game is a massive, massive timesink and not something I'm particularly interested in doing. So I figured I'd ask some of the veterans here what they think about the viability of a few PvP-focused builds I'm considering, seeing as PvP is what I enjoy the most. Ideally it'd be a build I could use to farm silver when need be, but primarily would be built to drop other players.

I've heard good things about dual dagger - massive burst, good mobility, good hit-and-run.

I've also heard cursed mages get pretty nasty - self heals, heavy DoTs, good sustain.

Then of course the CC champ that is the frost mage - not the heaviest damage but...

18 Jan 2016
Naughty naughty... But in all honesty, I've done the same thing in ragnarok online in the past. Mostly because the game is such a mindless korean grind and the bots are so easy to setup.

The thing was, in that game it was kinda fun botting, if anyone has ever played Final Fantasy 12, botting on ragnarok online sorta went like that. I essentially made an army of bots and charged across the landscape with the help of Cheap Albion Online Gold, I even have some war music playing in the background as my army of 26 level 1 novices all group up to take on an orc.

In a sense, there are three things that can lead to bot creation, vulnerabilities in the code, availability of account creation, and of course the demand for automation. Essentially if...

16 Jan 2016
On that note, I laugh at posts where players wish the game was easier gank and camp other players who are disadvantaged. That is not PvP. Rather, that is a player who is role-playing a thief, or is not willing to take on a real challenge. In my opinion, you don’t get a trophy for ganking a player who is trying to farm silver, or slay a player who is wearing gear at a lower tier than yours. Nor do you get a reward for gate or zone camping an area to pick on players who are again, disadvantaged.

If you want PvP, meet me on fair grounds and bring your best gear to Buy Albion Online Gold, so that I may take it from you. Or, have your guild bring their party suits and we will bring ours. Therefore, the best player wins. 

The continent vs....

15 Jan 2016
The initial feel was so-so. I played AO without any prior knowledge of the game. I did not spend time reading guides or reviews that spoke of how to start a fresh character, simply because I wanted to do it myself and with a new player mentality. I will not lie, even a player as myself did have some difficulty becoming acclimated to the game. Being it is a free to play game; I feel the game needs to really nurture a new player for the first three to five hours of game time. This is where AO fell short but is, however, a simple fix.

I would like to see more prompts or perhaps an in game guide that helps direct a player around the starting town and first few zones. Do note that all themepark games offer this and a majority of players may...