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14 Jan 2016
The basics
All items and buildings in Albion Online are player crafted (with a few exceptions, such as beginner towns, harbours, etc)

Resources for making items and buildings can be found in the world. You can also obtain them from other players via trade. 

The main currency in Albion Online is silver. You obtain this by killing enemies in PvE combat. Also, again, you can trade it with other players

Land Ownership
Players can own land in Albion Online: Player Islands, Guild Islands, Player Cities, Open World Plots (inside of Player Cities) and Open World Guild Territories
You use the land for farming and placing buildings. 

You can allow other players to use your buildings, either for free or for a charge, giving you a source to earn money


13 Jan 2016
You log in with your character for the first time ever. You are in the starting zone. You have nothing but your undies.

Do not unpack your founder’s gear or mounts! You do not need them now! Depending on where you start, you may want to take a boat to meet up with your friends. But then it might be too expensive if you unpacked any founders gear!

Your first goal is: Unlock the T2 trees of the destiny board.

look at your “destiny board quests” (bottom of the screen)
(important!) do those quests step by step now until destiny board branches out!
(best area to do this is the starter zone)
don’t leave the zone yet
those quests are:
gather 3 ‘Rough Logs’ (T1), but let’s actually gather 25 logs total because you need them for other...

12 Jan 2016
Class 1 armors all require normal resources you can get through the transmutator without ever having to leave green zones. When you get to Class 2 and 3 however you need items found on mobs, bosses, hellgates and sometimes in zones that are yellow/red. The class 1 armors can provide a fair bit of protection for you but are better for open world combat where you might have larger numbers and imbalanced fights.

When things get competitive such as the 5v5 then all players will be trying to get the highest class armors to reduce the risks of loss.

There is a number of reasons for the combat system being the way it is and I will list a few of them.

The system divides the game's Crafting side from its Combat side. Combat players earn most of the...

11 Jan 2016
With Albion Online, our goal is to create a hardcore Sandbox MMORPG with full loot PvP and a fully player driven economy.

There have been many games like this in the past, such Mortal Online or Darkfall, that have not managed to maintain high population numbers. And once population is too low, even the hardcore players tend to leave as the game feels empty to them.

In this post, we want to share our view on the topic of hardcore vs casual players in Sandbox MMORPG games, and present our vision on how to make Albion Online a great game that will be there for the long term.

1. Symbiosis between "carebear" and hardcore players in Sandbox MMORPGs

The most successful hardcore Sandbox MMORPG of this day is without doubt Eve Online. Yet, in Eve...

09 Jan 2016
An Iron-clad tank is designed for disrupting foes and controlling the pace of a battle. Whether large-scale, small-scale, having an Iron-clad on your side is typically advantageous. If you enjoy rendering rival healers useless, harassing enemy backlines and forcing them out of position, all while being as sturdy as a brick wall, then this may be just the build you were in search of.

For starters, let’s establish the armor set and weapon of choice utilized in this build.

1) Medium Plate Helmet

2) Heavy Cloth Chest

3) Heavy Cloth Boots

4) Iron-clad Staff

Choosing medium helmet may come as a surprise, but bear with me as there is good reasoning for the decision. Let’s discuss the skills we will want to forge onto our armor and weapon before...