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16 Aug 2016
Considering you used to be able to solo Matren and get yourself gear/sell the good equips for other classes and everyone who didn't rush straight to 35 and actually took their time can't really do anything with ROI Gold... not a good sign. No one does Cavern and even groups of 35s can't do it on heroic, I imagine Frost would be even harder... so how the hell can new lvl 35s get any gear? - Drop rate is trash too.

They're already ruining the game as it is (I can assume so they can make it more pay 2 win) and now you can't gear your characters?

Pretty sure this game will be dead within a year and I wish I never wasted money on founder, why did I have faith in them at all?

Do you have a guild? Cavern of the Veil and The Frost Keep aren't...